My work is motivated by my experience in communicating with my son, Aramis, who is diagnosed with having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He is presently seven-years-old and considered non-verbal, though expresses himself consistently through body language and gesture. With the help of speech and occupational therapists, Aramis is learning various methods of communication such as American Sign Language, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and very basic spoken language. Since his diagnosis, I have recorded my observations and learning experiences by writing, taking photographs, and making videos. This documentation of life, experienced through non-verbal language, is the driving force in my arts practice; I create visual imagery such as paintings, embroidery and mixed media artworks in order to discover, analyze and understand gesture-based language. At this point in my graduate studies, my thesis is upheld by proposing that a personal language can exist between people, specifically a mother and non-verbal child, based on a system of gestures.